How to Merge PDF Files

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How to Merge PDF Files – Video Transcript

Welcome to Merge PDF Instructional Video

In this video we will show how to use Merge PDF to combine multiple PDFs into one PDF file

Step 1: Open MERGE PDF

Step 2: Click add file and select the first file you would like to merge

Step 3: Click add file again and click on the second file you would like to merge. You can also drag and drop the file here

Step 4: Define which pages you would like to merge from each PDF

You can select the pages you want to include by changing them at the top of each PDF, or click on the blue arrow on the bottom right of the individual PDF, and mark which pages you would like to merge.

You can drag files around to change the order of their merging in the final PDF.

You should see the selected pages on the right hand side of the screen – this is the output area where you can review which pages will be merged.

Step 5: click on “Save Merged” and save the new PDF file.

Your new PDF file will open with the selected portions of each PDF file you chose to merge.

Now we’re going to show you how to merge multiple PDF’s from one folder.

First click on Add folder

Then choose the desired folder

You should see the PDF’s in the folder open individually in the program

You can define which pages you would like to merge, in exactly the same way that we did before. You can also rearrange them

Click on “save merged” and give your new PDF a name

Note that you also have the option of creating a protected document by doing the following:

First select “options” and click on “protect with password.”

Type a password of your choice Click OK and Save

And that’s it. You now should have one PDF document made up of multiple PDF’s!

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Learn more and download a free trial version of Merge PDF at