Convert Contact Lists from PDF to Excel

In some cases, you will have a page with more than one table, and each will have some extra data that is related to it but isn’t actually inside it, and can be marked as one or more fields.

Convert Contact Lists from PDF to Excel – Video Transcript

Welcome to PDF to Excel Instructional Video.

In this video we will show you how to convert PDF files to Excel even if those files are not organized as tables. You can convert contact lists, receipts, invoices and more, directly into Excel tables.

Step 1: Mark a table around the first record you want to include. If PDF2XL marks it as a field, then right click and select ‘change to table’. Right-click the table, select ‘edit table title’ and give your table a name.

Step 2: Mark all additional fields that you want to include in your conversion.

Step 3: After marking these fields, select all of them by clicking on each field while holding the control button. The chosen fields will be highlighted.

Step 4: Right click on the highlighted fields and select: ‘in conversion show field with table’. Look at the preview pane at the bottom – You’ve just created a record in an excel table, made up of the set of fields you want to convert.

Step 5: Now on to the next record. Copy the table and fields by highlighting them, right-clicking and selecting ‘copy selection’.

Step 6: Paste the selection by right-clicking on the next record in your document, and selecting ‘paste here’. You may need to resize the table and fields to fit the data in different records.

Step 7: Simply repeat the copying and pasting for all the remaining records that you want to convert.

And that’s it! You now should have one orderly table with all the data that you want to extract. Click “Convert” to get the output in Excel!

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Learn more and download a free trial version of PDF2XL at