Support Questions for Merge PDF

Q: How do I merge two or more PDF files?
A: Simply follow these steps:
1. To add one or more files into the merge, press the Add File option on the toolbar. The dialog that appears allows you to open one or more files. You can also drag files from your desktop, or an explorer window, into the work area.
2. Select which pages from each file you want to include in the merge. By default, all pages are included. You can see the all the included pages in the output area on the right.
3. Press the Save Merged option, and select a name for the merged file.

Q: How can I protect my merged file with a password?
A: The dialog that opens when you press the Save Merged option has an Options button that allows you to select various protection features for your merged file, including a password.

Q: How can I merge parts of different files?
A: After adding files by dragging them or with the Add File option, you have several methods of selecting which pages to include in the merge:
1. You can specify any legal set of pages in the text box in each document. For example, writing “1-3,7,9″ for one of your documents will include pages 1,2,3,7,9 of that document.
2. You can press the triangle at the bottom right part of a document in the workd area to expand it, which will show all pages separately. In the expanded view, each page has a checkbox that can be checked or unchecked to include or exclude that page.
3. You can press the triangle on the left side of a document in the output area to expand it, which will show all pages that are currently included. Press the red X button on any of these pages will exclude it from the merge.

Q: How can I change the order of the files?
A: You can click and drag any of the documents in the work area to change their order by simply pointing at the document you want to move and holding down the left mouse button while moving it to a new place. This is more convenient to do while the display is collapsed and showing only documents and not pages.

Q: Can I also change the order of individual pages?
A: No, at the moment pages always come out in their original order, and only document order can be changed. However, it is possible to add the same document twice and use a different subset of pages to achieve a different order.