7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying PDF2XL

1. Is the purchase of PDF2XL a onetime expense?

Yes, the cost is a onetime expense. There are no recurring fees or support charges.

2. What happens if my computer’s hard-drive crashes or if I get a new computer? Do I need to purchase another copy?

No, your purchase includes a Lifetime Productivity Warranty. This means that if you need to reinstall PDF2XL (even 10 years from now) your download link will still be active and you will be able to use it to reinstall PDF2XL.

Even if you lose your order confirmation email, just e-mail us, or place a phone call to our call-center, and a member of our technical support team will send you the download and installation instructions.

3. What exactly do I get when I purchase PDF2XL?

(Very Important, please read carefully)

You get the following:

You will also be getting…

4. How soon can I start using PDF2XL? How long will it take for the CD to arrive?

5. What if I want to return PDF2XL? Do you have some kind of Guarantee? What are your refund policies?

We have a 30-Day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee.

That means that you can return PDF2XL for any reason within 30 days of the purchase. It might be because you’ve decided the product isn’t right for you, or that you are disappointed with the level of service you got – whatever the reason, we will refund your money.

All you have to do to get the refund is call us at 1-855-552-6464 or send an email to support@cogniview.com and ask for the refund.

Note: If you request a refund we will not ask you to send back the CD; we won’t even try to verify that you uninstalled PDF2XL from your computer. We trust you to uninstall PDF2XL and we see no reason to harass you just because PDF2XL wasn’t a perfect fit for you.

6. Is PDF2XL the best PDF converter I can get?

PDF2XL is not the best all-purpose PDF converter, but we believe that it is the best PDF to Excel Converter in the market.

And it is the best PDF to Excel converter because we designed it to cater only to Excel users such as you. That’s why it has unique Excel-related features like:

7. What kind of technical and/or customer service do you offer? Is there a real person I can talk to?

We provide both telephone and email support, so yes, there are real people behind the software.

We provide 24×7 technical support and customer support. Our current average response time to emails or phone calls is 30 minutes. But please note that it might take us a couple of hours to respond at peak times.

You can either reach us by email at support@cogniview.com for technical support inquiries, and at sales@cogniview.com for customer care inquiries

To contact us, you can also call toll free at 1-855-552-6464 (or at 1-404-567-5646)

The first priority of our sales team is to make you happy. If you require any assistance, even in issues that are not sales related, even after you have purchased PDF2XL, don’t hesitate to contact the sales team. Their #1 goal is to be your advocate.