Software Assurance and Premium Support

When you subscribe to PDF2XL’s Software Assurance and Premium Support program, you are providing yourself with some great benefits that can help you optimize your PDF2XL experience.

The Software Assurance and Premium Support program includes:

12 months of unlimited software updates

When a new release of the version you own comes out, you get the update at no additional cost.
To see what you would have to pay for the update without your Premium Support subscription, click here.

Priority human support

Put your issues on the front line and get your tickets resolved faster. This also includes phone calls and screenshare walk-throughs.

Screen recordings of support ticket resolution

If you need a bit more instruction with your current issue, we’ll create a screen recording of the process we used to create your layout or convert your document.

A free layout creation service for 10 standard layouts (Layouts let you tweak document conversion and are reusable for future documents)

Whether you simply want to save time or you’re having difficulty with a particularly complex layout, you can ask us to create up to 10 layouts for you without paying the standard service fee.


Premium Support Memberships are PER LICENSE on an annual basis

Version Annual Cost
PDF2XL OCR: $120