Starting Out

We’d like to welcome you to join us! Review the procurement procedure, send us your information and let’s start!

How does the purchase process work?

  • As a reseller, you’ll either directly approach customers to purchase PDF2XL or customers referred by us would contact you to purchase the software.
  • If the customer has not already downloaded and tried the evaluation, you’ll need to work with the customer to simulate the first run.
  • Once the customer is satisfied and ready to purchase, you’ll obtain the order from him and follow your internal policies for securing and confirming the order.
  • You’ll instantly notify us by going to the Reseller Portal and input the order along with your customers details in order to insert the details to our license registry.

Steps to become a reseller

To sign up as a reseller you will need to submit the online application found at
The CogniView Reseller Program manager and the Sales team will review your application and may contact you with additional questions regarding your business.
Approval is based on several factors including:

  • Business model
  • Customer size
  • Market focus
  • Experience level