Our Relationship

We want to build a long term relationship, and we’ll do anything to help you resell our products and make substantial profits to secure it.
Your role as a reseller
  • Promote and sell PDF2XL using your various marketing methods. For each sale that you make on your own, you’ll get the reseller margins.
  • To recommend PDF2XL to customers who’re looking for PDF to spread-sheet conversion solution sand help them with their first run.
  • Manage billing and collection for your customers — CogniView’s billing relationship will be with you directly.
  • Represent CogniView’s brand with professionalism and integrity. We worked hard to build our brand and we expect you to enjoy from it and help us maintain it.
How would we help you?
  • When we get queries from prospects in your area looking to purchase from a reseller we’ll refer your name and contact details.
  • We’ll license you to use our product names, trademarks and marketing literature for your promotional needs.
  • We’ll provide your customers all the technical support and issues related to our products.
  • If we feel that a marketing campaign could help boost sales in your area, we’ll partner with you to pull the campaign and divert all sales to you.
  • Promote your name and business as resellers on our website