Case Studies

Data extraction from PDF to Excel can be used in a variety of business sectors. The need for PDF data extraction can be found in industries such as Banking, Construction, Energy, Management Consulting, Real Estate and others. To demonstrate the applicability of PDF to Excel conversion, we have compiled a few case studies for you:

  • The first case study shows how PDF to Excel data extraction can be helpful to hardware resellers.
  • The second case study shows how PDF data conversion can speed up quantitative academic research.
  • PDF to Excel conversion for competitive analysis is featured in the third case study.
  • Data Extracted from PDF to an ERP suite via Excel is featured in the fourth case study.

Things to look for in a PDF to Excel conversion software

  • A Free Trial – you must be certain that the PDF conversion software can do the job before you purchase it.
  • Applicability – There are many different types of PDF files; you must be certain that the tool you purchase can significantly reduce the amount of time you invest in extracting the data from your specific PDF file.
  • Money back guarantee – Look for this in every tool you purchase over the Internet.

PDF2XL, CogniView's PDF converter, offers you all of the above and more.