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I purchased PDF2XL last year when we had an immediate need to extra some data from a Client’s .pdf files. I found the software through an internet search, found positive reviews, and downloaded the trial. It worked just like it said, although I had no idea it would be so fast! We upgraded immediately to PDF2XL OCR, used it to get out two big projects, and saved hours of effort. We went on to other back-to-back deadlines, and this fantastic software sort of slipped off the radar screen-sorry Cogniview – but it was our loss! I started using PDF2XL OCR again recently, and each time I use it, I am amazed again at the ease of use and the excellent results. I look like a star to the Project Managers because they hand me something that they think they’re going to get back in an hour or two, and I bring it back to them in 5 minutes or less. I almost feel like I’m holding out on the rest of my co-workers because I have the best tool at my disposal, and they didn’t even know something like this exists! I was feeling a little guilty about that and showed it to two of the guys today that have been doing manual data extractions – they were blown away. I guess I’ll probably have to do their work too, until the boss shells out for another copy (but I’m not going to feel guilty about having the best tools in the building anymore!) We are very pleased with our purchase and would recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have time to waste manually re-creating data tables from .pdf files. See- it’s 4:30 and there’s nothing left on my to-do list for the day. I might as well stroll over to the brewhouse for a cold one. Thanks, Cogniview!

Susan Mitchell | CE2 Engineers, Project Administrator, Anchorage

PDF2XL is absolutely brilliant! I’ve been working with computer software and hardware since 1978 in many different capacities; including technical support, software designer, engineer and project manager. After 23 years as a technical career professional I decided to open my own construction business. One of the most obvious things that I learned while working with computers is that technology can be leverage in an industry or area of life. The residential building business is probably one of the most “low-tech” industries and I’ve been able to gain an edge in a very difficult market, against some very savvy and experienced competition, by leveraging technology to increase productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. What most people probably don’t realize is that the residential building business relies heavily on cell phones and fax machines and most sub-contractor and supplier pricing is provide via fax or PDF file and hardly ever in Word or Excel format. PDF2XL is a “Godsend”. I am currently working on a project that involves thousands of price quotes from a variety of suppliers and most of the information is in PDF files and some is just plain hand-written. PDF2XL will allow me to quadruple my productivity as work through arranging, organizing and compiling the cost data from the thousands of price quotes that I’m working through.
I had evaluated several other products that claimed to be exclusively designed to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets and they all miserably failed to accurately convert the data. I was about to resign myself to the fact that there probably was no accurate solution to address the problem so I ventured onto the internet one last time to locate a program that might work and that’s when I found PDF2XL. I’m so impressed with this application that I’m tempted to brag to my competitors about it. My commendations to the developers for creating this incredibly brilliant solution that is now on my list of top 3 best software applications that I’ve used in the last 32 years!!!

Tim Sorrentino | Wellspring Building & Development Corporation I Ballston Spa

I discovered PDF2XL by doing a typical Google search and am so glad I did. I had a critical data recovery project that could not be accomplished without capturing PDF data and converting it to Excel. Prior to finding your product, I had resigned myself that manual recreation of this data (approx. 1000 rows and 3 columns of data!) was my only option.
After finding PDF2XL, I was able to select, capture and accurately convert all of my PDF data to Excel in roughly 30 minutes (and without having read any manual or directions!). PDF2XL is a super intuitive and wonderfully powerful product. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Ed Hauber

I searched the web for a good pdf to excel conversion tool. I tried about 7 different tools before finding this one. Some of the others did an OK job, but many had problems getting the rows to match up perfectly. This tool is much more flexible and I love the fact that I can create my own columns and rows. I’m dealing with very large pdfs (some are over 2000 pages) and they are in a very awkward format with table structure crossing multiple pages, but changing every once in a while. This tool allows me to assign a table format across the entire document, or multiple tables on a per page basis. It would be REALLY nice if I had the ability to assign multiple table structures across multiple pages (instead of the current single page limitation).


My company owns and operates Subway Restaurant’s. We would need weekly data from each of our 30 stores based on what types of sandwiches were being ordered. Each store’s report came across as a PDF file and is roughly 7 pages long! I was always behind on my reporting (due to it taking close to an hour per store to decipher and filter thru the reports and re-enter the data in an organized excel spreadsheet). My boss had to constantly ask if the data was available yet. Unfortunately the answer was usually no! PDF2XL has saved me so much time and frustration! With one quick template and a few VLOOKUP formulas, my productivity has improved immensely due to this product! I love it!

Larissa Boydston | INBD Inc., Staff/Payroll Tax Accountant, Spokane Valley

WOW!! What a HUGE timesaver this product is!! I had to input 15 complex trial balances into Excel, and I thought … someone MUST have figured out a way to get data from a PDF into excel, so I did a search, and VOILA! Cogniview to the rescue!! The product worked flawlessly … and instead of working all night to load the data, I was able to import the data quickly, and made it home in time to have dinner with my family. THANK YOU!!! (and my family thanks you too!)

Cathy Ritter | Ritter Bookkeeping Services, Pleasanton, CA

My first impression: This is exactly what I have been looking for!!
IF I see this correctly, PDF to Excel does PDF conversions to both Excel and MS Word files.
I’ve dreamed of being able to do this for years.
I’ve only used the PDF to Excel software on one document.
My very first effort was an instant success. I’m sold as soon as I hear a price and license terms for a private individual, I’m going to get it before somebody changes their mind!! (I do not mean me.)

Jeff Hix | Bellevue, Nebraska

I am a forensic accountant and deal with .PDF file ALOT in my work. I recently received a 635 page, 10-column ledger in abode and was asked to schedule all of it to Excel for analysis. I Googled “convert PDF to Excel” and saw several companies offering to do the same thing. After downloading, testing and installing different packages (and not liking any of them) I downloaded PDF2XL and to my amazement and great delight it did actually what I needed. After 10 minutes of testing on the sample download I purchased the full version. It has given me my spreadsheet in literally 8 minutes, instead of the probably 40+ hours it would have taken to data enter the information. I will definitely be recommending this software to my co-workers and bosses.

Mike Hanley

Our auditors needed a number of ledger accounts in full for the audit, one account is a couple hundred pages long, with the converter, i am able to print these to pdf and convert it quickly. last year we spent weeks copying to excel and then submit, bit by bit and had developers in to amend our software. with this Cogniview product, i can get the auditors everything they need in minutes and have it in excel as they requested…. FANTASTIC product and by far the best of its type….from South Africa

Brian Wallace | XLink Communications, Debtors Manager and Auditor liaison, Johannesburg, South Africa

I need to get the past 10 years of bank statements into Quicken to track contributions to a Family Trust and establish a gifting program. A dawnting task! I’m not typing them!! I wanted an OCR program that recognized columns of data. I googled “scan columns into xls” and up came “Cogniview PDF2XL”. I downloaded the trail and ran it. It worked perfectly. Beyond my wildest dreams. Absolutely fit for purpose! Did exactly what I needed to do with my bank statements. I was blown away. So quick. So accurate. I immediately purchased the software …. and subsequently upgrades, and am well on the way to getting back-financial data into Quicken. (Converting XLS to QIF is another story … but I’ve got that sorted now as well.)
This product is outstanding.
I also want to acknowledge the tremendous customer service, and in particular, Tammy. 12,000 miles away she doesn’t have to be accommodating, let alone nice to me. But she is. The customer service is as outstanding as the product.

John Allen | Oldfield Farm Ltd I Fairlie, New Zealand

I have been looking for an OCR capability that would enable me to program the OCR to automatically copy and paste text from a PDF into an Excel file or even store in a flat file for Excel to pick up automatically. I have researched all types of software that could scan and copy and paste into another file. I found PDF2XL OCR and downloaded the trial version and I am very impressed with the capabilities of this software! I especially like the flexibility of selecting the desired text as a table and viewing it in my Excel file and creating my own columns and rows, and being able to select multiple tables across a document. It allows me to organize a PDF document to my desired format. I have shared and done a demo for my team and they are very impressed with this tool as well! I will be purchasing the full version very soon. Thank you for creating this very useful tool!

Ella Wong | Polycom, Inc., Business Analyst, IT/Software Industry, Pleasanton, CA

We have a project to compare an image file (PDF) with an input worksheet file. Our current reconciliation process is very manual that compares the worksheet file with the printed copy of the image. This process is currently costing the firm 5 employees. It is not only burning the firm’s money, but also putting the company at huge risks. Other options have been explored (PDF to TXT, PDF to Database) but none have worked out to date. Upon further cost benefit analysis, we opted to explore other alternatives.
A day after googling the various available technology, I found COGNIVIEW’s PDF2XLStoOCR. It provides us a new perspective of solving our problem. I have downloaded the product and looks very very promising. I hope that the application has API’s that we can use to integrate with our existing application.

Ramir Santos

When I convert a .pdf it is with the goal of being able to create a new document without retyping everything. Authors of conversion software, including PDF2XL Pro, seem to believe that retaining the format and background graphics matters more than producing an editable document. In my case, I get documents of previous versions provided by the publisher for the purpose of saving typing time in the production of the new work (the author’s original files rarely contain the final edits). Hours spent undoing converted formatting and layout is, quite simply, a waste of everyone’s time and effort.
This is especially true in the matter of multi-column works where line wrapping results in hyphenated words. The conversion process inserts hard hyphens followed by spaces which must be manually edited to get the correct word forms. And if the gutters are very narrow, words and parts of words may end up converted to the wrong paragraph!
All very frustrating, especially when time is short. And not at all what I want to PAY for….

Gale Rhoades

I was recently tasked with extracting several hundred tables from pdf product catalogs. “No problem, I’ll just get Adobe Acrobat” I thought. NOT! I downloaded the latest version of Acrobat Pro and it won’t even extract a table with merged cells. Your software made the task a piece of cake! Adobe should pay you millions and incorporate this into their software. Shame on Adobe and cudos to Cogniview. Judging from the performance this also seems to be one of the most well written pieces of software I’ve used in years.
Great product guys!

Dave Hoder | Triage Information Services, Buckley, WA

The PDF2XL is great with interface of following function.

  1. Split columns
  2. merge columns
  3. table append to another table being grouped together
  4. layout save – to save layout format forms for regular paperwork to excel
  5. open layout for the same format paperwork to excel

following function needed:

  1. I use set field heading for the data is not able to ocr from image box
  2. in conversion show field option once/every line/every page/every table

problems (based no any data inside field):

  1. set once; the field heading filled will not be shown on excel sheet if there is no any data inside the field.
  2. set every table the field heading filled will be shown following the right column of table

The best solution :

  1. I hope the field heading filled is able to be brought/shown according to the order of field no matter there is any data included or not.
    But it should not be shown on excel when the in conversion show field option set with once.
    This solution will help me to auto. bring the concern data to excel for which kind data is not able to be ocr by PDF2XL for the data included by a image box.
  2. I hope the OCR function is able to retrieve the digital data for international language too.
    I doubt why the PDF2XL OCR version is not able to read the data in image area. For your information, some documents is created by Microsoft Words with combined printing function. They put the digital data print into the image form from scanner.

Anyway I would like to say the PDF2XL OCR version is good enough.
For your information, I just bought the PDF2XL Enterprise version.

Robert Chen

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