Customer Reviews

Market Proven – 10 years, 2,000,000+ Downloads. Tens of thousands of customers including 95% of Fortune 100 companies use PDF2XL daily

to save time, money and optimize their work-flow.

I have saved my company over 40K dollars by using PDF2XL, we would have had to do some major software changes in order to get the reports we use turned into excel docs that we could manuever. This is the best product around, not just for myself but for my company.

We receive bank notification deposits in both PDF and JPG format. We needed to quickly convert our files to excel. I downloaded the evaluation copy and within less than 2 mins I was able to convert the a file that would have normally taken hours.

I was so relieved for my work getting in fraction of time what it used to take before. I highly recommend this software for anyone doing Data conversion business.

PDF to Excel Key Features:

  • Convert PDF files into Microsoft Excel (xls,xlsx,csv) editable documents.
  • 1:1 Row and Column structure retention and migration to Excel.
  • Live preview windows to show you how the conversion will look.
  • Advanced tweaking and editing – complete manual control.
  • Convert PDF to Excel, CSV, HTML and more formats.
  • Save layouts for repeat usage.
  • Convert up to 500 pages per MINUTE.
  • Extract tables from scanned PDF and other image files into Excel using OCR technology. Extract non-tabular data formats to Excel spreadsheets format.
  • Supports multi-layout extraction.
  • Supports multiple document conversion.
  • Full control of ommitted graphics and pictures from the generated Excel files.
  • Supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8+.