Our Customers
Almost any business size could use PDF2XL. CogniView has over 1 Million users, including 95% of Fortune 100 companies.
PDF2XL is targeted at:
  • Accounting departments
  • HR departments
  • Retailers
PDF2XL can ideally be used in:
  • Financial auditing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Price and inventory coordination and assessments
  • Converging data from multiple sources and report formats
  • Replacing manual data-entry for non-tabular forms
  • Converting reports from third-party systems
Our Customers

CogniView has over 1M users spread across 160 countries. With the who’s who of each industry as CogniView’s users, we can boast of having the majority of Fortune 500 companies as our esteemed clients.

A few of our clients include: