Customer Testimonials and Satisfaction Survey

“Microsoft Silver Certified Partners have proven their expertise in specific technology areas, placing them among the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide. They have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to help implement technology solutions that match your exact business needs.” -Microsoft Web Site

We at Cogniview have always used customer feedback as a means of driving continuous improvement. As part of our relationship with Microsoft, Microsoft conducted a customer satisfaction survey during the last quarter of 2006 and here are the results:

“Awesome product! We sell thousands of products with constant price changes. In the past, we’ve had to copy and paste page after page of price lists. Now we can do an entire supplier’s list in minutes.

Sweet!” -Ken Swanson, Texas, US

“I’ve tested PDF2XL and it is an order of magnitude more capable than all competing products advertised on the Internet. I look forward to using it as soon as possible” -Jeff Melvaine, Australia

“We purchased the Cogniview PDF2XL program a few weeks ago and are very pleased with the software. This enables us to acquire numerous bank statements from our bank each morning which are PDF files and download them to excel for accounting. Without this program, we would not be able to list our daily checks for review which number about 1500 per month.”
-Mary Wendland, Internal Auditor, The Berge Group

“Thank you for your help and very prompt response to my question. The PDF documents, which are state and federal government documents that average 50 to 60 pages in length, are nothing but 1 huge table so it is perfect that your program can convert all pages at once in less than 1 minute. Being able to convert the documents so perfectly and so quickly will probably save me an average of 20 hours per document to do what I need to do. And if you consider that I will be working with at least 2 such documents per state that is an awful lot of time. Talk about increasing production and not having to worry about data entry or copying errors. I evaluated 5 programs in my search for a solution. One simply didn’t work at all; 2 programs churned out garbage; the fourth created a spreadsheet but it would have taken hours to get it to a truly usable state. Your program not only produces a spreadsheet that is immediately usable, the addition of the pre-conversion editing capabilities guarantees a perfect result without having to make changes after the fact.

In addition your customer support is excellent. Responses are prompt, courteous, and very thorough.

I am a business consultant and will recommend your product to any clients who might need these capabilities.”
-Gail Zabel, Dallas, TX

“I’d like to say that your software is GREAT. Your software is the only product I found that enables me to get data out of my Accounting software. In fact, you may want to contact my Accounting software company and let them know of your product” -Kenneth Bryant, IT Director, Chicago, IL

“I have used the software for a couple of days and it is a tremendous timesaver for the project I have been working on.”
-John Baird, Illinois

“Genius! Your guys are geniuses! I have spent many hundreds of dollars and as many hours trying to do what your software does so easily. I even purchased a full version of Adobe Acrobat to try to do this but it won’t. We have a complicated, multi table, 650 page PDF price file that is sent out by one of our vendors. This lets us convert to an XLS format where we can import it into our order management software. The best $100.00 I have ever spent. Great Work!” -A. Murray, TX, USA