Creative Commons Information Acrobat Plugin (CCInfo)

Creative Commons (CC) is a nonprofit organization that provides copyright licenses in which only some rights are reserved. The CC Acrobat Plugin allows you to integrate a CC license into your PDF document and to view the CC License a PDF document is licensed under.

The CC Acrobat Plug-in currently works with Adobe Acrobat only. In the near future we hope to release an Adobe Reader version.

The Creative Commons Acrobat plugin enables Acrobat users to insert a Creative Commons license into their work, and to examine the license of an existing work. Some screenshots and a brief description of the working of the plugin will be available shortly.

You can download and use the CC Information plugin for free; furthermore, the plugin is Open Source – meaning that the source code for it is available to all.

NOTE: The currently available version for download is a beta version! This means that it passed very little QA testing, and may contain bugs or be incomplete.

Source Code

Source code for the CC Acrobat is available as a zip file here. We recommend using 7-Zip (another Open Source project) to add or extract files from a Zip archive.
You can also browse the project’s source-code documentation here.

The code is written in C++, and includes project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 6 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. You will need the Adobe Acrobat SDK (from the Adobe site) to compile the code.

The project uses XMLite, a simple XML parser by Kyung-min Cho, slightly modified. Thank you, Kyung-min Cho, for a great little parser ;D

The Creative Commons Information Acrobat Plugin is licensed under LGPL.