How Resellers Can Profit from PDF Conversion Software

A reseller’s inventory database is one of his most important tools. This database is used to find the items that best fit a customer’s needs based on vendor, price, and availability. Keeping this information current is vital to the reseller.

Without a comprehensive and well-updated inventory management database the reseller can lose money by quoting a price that has not been updated to reflect a manufacturer or supplier increase. The reseller can also lose a deal by not having information on all the currently available items.

However, it can be extremely difficult for a reseller to maintain a comprehensive inventory management database due not only to the amount of information involved, but also because of the different forms in which that information is offered.

A single reseller works with many different suppliers and manufacturers, with each one offering a product catalog containing thousands of items.

In addition, each manufacturer or supplier may change its catalog and prices several times a year. So if a reseller has a ten thousand item-database they could spend months updating prices.

A minority of the suppliers will provide formatted excel sheets, most will distribute PDF catalogs and some still cling to the printed catalogs.

The PDF converter – A valuable Inventory management tool

Since many item catalogs are produced in PDF format, getting that data into the inventory management database in a quick and accurate manner can be a valuable asset.

A PDF converter that can transfer data from PDF files to a standard format, such as Microsoft Excel, makes it easy to update inventory management software.

Many companies offer PDF converter software and there are three things to keep in mind while going through the evaluation process.

  1. Ability to convert multiple pages at once – Most catalogs have a standard page layout. Once that layout is defined for a single page, the software should be able to use it to convert multiple pages at once. This ability alone can save you many hours of typing.

  2. Conserve the part number formatting – Many vendors have numeric part numbers beginning with 0 (‘004567843′ for example). When this type of data is copied to Excel the leading zeros are cut off. The zeros then have to be retyped into Excel. If the PDF converter has the ability to pre-define the column format to text, those retyping efforts can be avoided.

  3. Easy to use – The PDF converter software should be ready to use in full within 15 minutes from installing.

Finding the right PDF to Excel converter will save the reseller time and money by increasing the value of his inventory management software.

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