There are two ways to perform a multiple-page conversion in PDF2XL. Choosing either one depends on the location of the table inside the pages:
  1. If the table appears in the same location at every page, you can easily convert a range of pages into the same Excel sheet (or Word document).
    1. From the Edit Menu choose Settings to open the Settings dialog.
    2. In the ‘Pages to Convert’ area, Select ‘Page Range’
    3. Click OK to close the Settings dialog
    4. Now convert your data. The Select Conversion Range dialog will prompt you for the pages you want to extract the data from.
    If you always wish to convert data from all the pages in the document, then select the ‘All Pages’ option instead of ‘Page Range’. In this case, the Select Conversion Range dialog will not appear.
  2. If the table is not in the same location at every page, you can use the clipboard as a buffer between PDF2XL and Excel.
    1. Start by marking the table in the first page you want to extract data from, and convert the data into a new Excel sheet. Leave the sheet open for now.
    2. Move to the next page you want to extract data from, and mark the table there, making sure you use the same columns as in the original table.
    3. Use the Clipboard as Excel sheet option instead of the ‘Convert to Excel’ option. This way you get the data in the clipboard instead of in a new Excel sheet.
    4. In the Excel sheet that you opened earlier, scroll to the end of the existing data, select the left-most cell of the line after the data, and paste the data from the clipboard into Excel.
    5. You should now have the data from the two pages in the same Excel sheet. You can use the same technique to add data from more pages into the same sheet.

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