You deserve a great software product and excellent support. At CogniView, we produce the first and deliver the second.
Over the years we’ve found that making sure you get the best results from our products is the best way to make you (and us) happy.
If you have a problem or a question don’t hesitate to contact us.
We provide two levels of support: Free Technical Support and Paid Technical Support

Free Technical Support

CogniView provides free technical assistance for the following situations:

Pre-Purchase product information

If at any point, after installing our evaluation product, you:

Mail us at

Post Purchase support

If after purchasing the product you need assistance with:

Mail us at

Free Support (any subject)

We provide unlimited free help via mail. So if you have any question regarding our products, mail us at

Important Note: In order to assist you with a problem regarding a specific file we will need a copy of that file. Please attach the file you wish to convert to the email. We promise not to make any use of that file and to delete it immediately after we finish helping you.

Software Assurance and Premium Support

Our Software Assurance and Premium Support package, available for purchase with any edition of PDF2XL, keeps you covered on all fronts. Software Assurance and Premium Support includes the following:

If you would like to purchase the Software Assurance and Premium Support package please mail us at: . This package can also be added automatically to any PDF2XL purchase.