Product Pricing and Bulk Discounts

PDF2XL Corporate Product and Package Pricing

Part #NameQuantityUSDPrice/Unit
10141PDF2XL – Download only1$97.00$97.00
10141PDF2XL – Download only5$464.85$92.97
10141PDF2XL – Download only10$899.70$89.97
10141PDF2XL – Download only25$2199.25$87.97
10141PDF2XL – Download only50$3898.50$77.97

PDF2XL OCR Corporate Product and Package Pricing

Part #NameQuantityUSDPrice/Unit
10341PDF2XL OCR – Download only1$129.97$129.97
10341PDF2XL OCR – Download only5$619.85$123.97
10341PDF2XL OCR – Download only10$1199.70$119.97
10341PDF2XL OCR – Download only25$2924.25$116.97
10341PDF2XL OCR – Download only50$5198.50$103.97

PDF2XL Enterprise Corporate Product and Package Pricing

Part #NameQuantityUSDPrice/Unit
10441PDF2XL Enterprise – Download only1$199.97$199.97
10441PDF2XL Enterprise – Download only5$949.85$189.97
10441PDF2XL Enterprise – Download only10$1839.70$183.97
10441PDF2XL Enterprise – Download only25$4499.25$179.97
10441PDF2XL Enterprise – Download only50$7998.50$159.97
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