LicenseInfo Struct Reference

License information class. More...

#include <LicenseInfo.h>

Inherited by CCPrintLicenseInfo, and LicenseInfoLoader.

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Public Types

enum  LicenseType

License type.

enum  ModificationType

Allowed modifictions.

enum  SamplingType

Sampling license type.

enum  LoadedLicenseDataType

List of cached licenses.

Public Member Functions

 LicenseInfo ()
 Default constructor: initialize the structure.
 LicenseInfo (const LicenseInfo &info)
 Copy constructor.
void Clear ()
 Reset the license information to a clean license.
bool HasJurisdiction () const
 Tests if this license has a specific jurisdiction.
void SetJurisdiction (LPCTSTR lpJurisdiction)
 Sets the license jurisdiction.
void SetName (LPCTSTR lpName)
 Sets the license name.
 Sets the license URI.
const LicenseInfooperator= (const LicenseInfo &other)
 Copy operator for the license information structure.

Public Attributes

LicenseInfo::LicenseType m_eLicense
 Type of license the user wants to set.
bool m_bCommercialUse
 Does this license allow commercial use of the matterial?
LicenseInfo::ModificationType m_eModification
 Type of modifications allowed in the license.
LicenseInfo::SamplingType m_eSampling
 Type of sampling license.
 Name of jurisdiction the laws of which the license will be subject to.
 Name of the license.
 URI of the license.

Detailed Description

License information class.

Static members of this class hold cached XML license information; an instance of this class holds license information that the user set in the license wizard

Definition at line 42 of file LicenseInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LicenseInfo::LicenseInfo ( const LicenseInfo info  )  [inline]

Copy constructor.

info The license information to copy

Definition at line 53 of file LicenseInfo.h.

References m_cJurisdiction, m_cName, and m_cURI.

Member Function Documentation

bool LicenseInfo::HasJurisdiction (  )  const [inline]

Tests if this license has a specific jurisdiction.

true if the license has a specific jurisdiction, false if not

Definition at line 126 of file LicenseInfo.h.

References m_cJurisdiction.

Referenced by DoLicensePage(), LicenseInfoLoader::GetLicenseName(), CCLicenseWizSummeryPage::OnSetActive(), CCLicenseWizJurisdictionPage::OnSetActive(), and LicenseInfoLoader::RequestLicense().

const LicenseInfo& LicenseInfo::operator= ( const LicenseInfo other  )  [inline]

Copy operator for the license information structure.

other The license information to copy
Refernece to this license information structure

Definition at line 139 of file LicenseInfo.h.

References m_bCommercialUse, m_cJurisdiction, m_cName, m_cURI, m_eLicense, m_eModification, and m_eSampling.

void LicenseInfo::SetJurisdiction ( LPCTSTR  lpJurisdiction  ) 

Sets the license jurisdiction.

lpJurisdiction The new jurisdiction

Definition at line 47 of file LicenseInfo.cpp.

References m_cJurisdiction.

Referenced by LicenseInfoLoader::LoadLicenseData(), CCLicenseWizJurisdictionPage::OnKillActive(), CCPrintLicenseInfo::ReadFromRegistry(), and LicenseInfoLoader::RequestLicense().

void LicenseInfo::SetName ( LPCTSTR  lpName  ) 

Sets the license name.

lpName The new name of the license

Definition at line 56 of file LicenseInfo.cpp.

References m_cName.

Referenced by LicenseInfoLoader::LoadLicenseData(), and CCPrintLicenseInfo::ReadFromRegistry().

void LicenseInfo::SetURI ( LPCTSTR  lpURI  ) 

Sets the license URI.

lpURI The new URI of the license

Definition at line 65 of file LicenseInfo.cpp.

References m_cURI.

Referenced by LicenseInfoLoader::LoadLicenseData(), and CCPrintLicenseInfo::ReadFromRegistry().

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