PostWisdom for Bloggers – The Techniques of the Writing Masters at Your Fingertips

The blogosphere is full of writing advice. some good, mostly bad.

The purpose of PostWisdom (a Cogniview Labs project) is to provide you with a list of the best writing advice. A list that will be there at the most important moment – when you are writing your blog post.

PostWisdom will help you remember and use the writing techniques from ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, Successful Blog and others every time you write a post.

How to use PostWisdom (technical guide)

I already know how to use PostWisdom so please skip to the download.

After Installing PostWisdom A small check-box Icon will appear at the bottom right side of your FireFox Status Bar. Click it to open PostWisdom:

Once Postwisdom is open, select the post type you are planning to write:

A checklist with specific writing tips on how to write the title and body of your post will be displayed:

Clicking on each entry in the list will open an article on the subject.

Pointing your cursor at one of the entries in the list will display a short explanation for the technique at the bottom of PostWisdom.

Once you have used a technique, mark it as checked and watch your Post Quality Score grow.

The writing techniques are organized in a tree. Once you are done with a set of techniques (for example – when you have finished writing the title) you can close that branch of the tree and expand another part.

I am ready to install Post Wisdom.

How to use PostWisdom (A practical tip)

At first, read every article on the list. Once you feel that you remember the techniques, you can use PostWisdom as a checklist. Just go over it when you write a post to make sure you’ve used the techniques.

Download PostWisdom

Why Is PostWisdom A FireFox Plug-in?

Bloggers use many tools to write. Most of them (WordPress, Blogger, Google Docs and Zoho Writer, to name a few) are web based. PostWisdom was designed to work alongside these web based word processors.

Help Improve PostWisdom

PostWisdom contains excellent writing advice. But it is not complete.

If you have an idea on how to improve PostWisdom, for example:

  1. A new writing technique

  2. A better explanation for an existing technique

  3. A suggestion for a modification or a new feature

Then send us an email or comment on our blog.