Ribbon - Convert tab

The ribbon's Convert tab has options for the final conversion into Excel format.

Output Editing
Output Order Switches the Preview pane to Output Editing mode, which allows you to rearrange or remove elements from the output.
Reset Order Resets all changes done in the Output Editing.
Auto Fields
Reset Order Opens the Predefined Fields dialog, allowing the user to select fields to include in the document's conversion.
Conversion Format
Conversion Format
This panel gives you a selection of formats to convert your document into, including:
Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Clipboard, OpenOffice, CSV, HTML.
Some formats have sub-types you can choose from as well.
Macro When converting to Excel, you may create a macro that will be automatically run on the results of the conversion.
Settings Opens specific settings for the selected conversion type.
Job Summary
Job Summary
This panel allows you select which pages to convert, and counts the number of fields and tables in the selected range. Pressing the button will open the Convert Pages dialog.
Convert Finally, convert your document to the selected format!