How to navigate through the document

The simplest way to move around the document is, of course, just scrolling with your mouse wheel or using the scroll bar on the right side of the document pane.
There are some more ways to help you find the place you're looking for more quickly:

Navigation bar and document toolbar

At the top of the document pane you can see the navigation bar, which allows you to navigate between the pages of your document.
Next to the navigation bar you have the document tool bar, which also has options that are useful for navigation, such as Select Next/Previous Table, Zoom and Fit.
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Pages pane

By default, the pages pane appears on the left side of your screen, and shows you thumbnail images of each page in your document. You can click on a page to go to it, and also filter the pane's display to more easily find specific pages.
If the pages pane is currently hidden, you can make it visible again via the Pages option in the View ribbon.
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View ribbon

Most navigation-related options from the document or pages panes are also available in this ribbon. In addition, here you have the Find option which allows you to search for a specific text anywhere in your document.
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