Ribbon - OCR tab

The ribbon's OCR tab contains all the actions and settings that are relevant to Optical Character Recognition and working with scanned documents.

OCR Mode
OCR Mode Toggle OCR Mode on or off.
Perform OCR
Document Perform OCR on the entire document.
Page Perform OCR on the current page.
Layout Perform OCR only on the data inside the current page's layout.
Selection Perform OCR only on the selected element.
OCR Validation
Validation Open the OCR Validation dialog.
Validate Only Suspect Words If this is left unchecked, OCR Validation will try to validate all words in the document, rather than only ones marked as suspect.
Ignore Validated Words If this is checked, opening the OCR Validation dialog will skip words that were already validated. If unchecked, the dialog will ask to validate all words.
Mark Suspect Words While this is checked, suspect words will be marked on the document with a squiggly underline.
OCR Suspect Change the color of the lines that mark suspect words.
OCR Validated Change the color of the highlight on the word that is currently being validated.
Skipped Suspect Change the color of the lines that mark suspect words which have been skipped in the validation.
OCR Options Open the OCR options dialog.