Ribbon - Layout tab

This tab contains various options related to your document's template and layouts.

Layout Files
Load Load a previously saved layout from the layout library.
Import Load a previously saved layout from a file.
Save Save the current layout to the layout library.
Export Save the current layout to a file.
This panel allows you to select the type of template structure used for this document. It also has a button that opens the Document Template dialog.
Auto Detection
Suggest Template Attempt to create a template by auto detecting tables according to current template settings. For example, if the template settings say that all pages are the same, then it will auto detect tables in the current page and apply that same layout to the rest of the pages.
Suggest Layout Attempt to create a layout for the current page by automatically detecting tables in it.
Auto Suggest Enable/ disable Auto Suggest mode. While this mode is on, hovering the mouse cursor over an area where PDF2XL OCR detects a table will make it display the detected table and ask the user to accept/ reject the suggested table. Accepting the suggestion will add that table to your layout.
Clear Template Clear the layouts from all pages.
Clear Layout Clear the layout from the current page.
Page Layout
Copy Page Layout Copies the layout of the current page, so you can paste it elsewhere.
Paste Page Layout After copying a page's layout, this gives several options for pasting it.
As The Layout Replaces the current page's layout, and any layouts it's linked to, with the copied layout.
As New Layout Replaces the current page's layout with the copied layout and removes any links it might have to other layouts.
As Linked Layout Replaces the current page's layout with the copied layout, and links it to the page the layout was copied from.
Link Layout to Pages Links the current page's layout to any other pages in the document.