Pages Pane

The pages pane allows you to see thumbnails of every page in your document, with your layout marked on each. It's useful for navigating through your document, and performing actions on entire page layouts.

Press any element in the screenshot for an explanation about what it does.

Filter Filter Hide Hide Pages Pages Pages Pages Layout ID Layout ID Layout ID Layout ID Linked Layout Linked Layout Linked Layout


Opens a menu that allows you to filter or highlight some of the pages in the pane.

View Modes - you can only select one of those
Show All All pages are displayed.
Filter Allows you to select filter criteria, and then displays only the pages that match these criteria.
Highlight Allows you to select filter criteria, and then displays all pages but highlights the ones that match these criteria.
Filter Criteria - you can select any number of items from the list
Pages with empty layout If this is checked, pages with an empty layout will be included in the filter criteria.
Layout A, Layout B, Layout C... This is a list of all the layouts that currently exist in the document, and you can check any combination of them to include them in the filter criteria.


Hides the pages pane. The button to show it again is in the Display/ Navigate ribbon.


These are thumbnail views of the pages in your document, including an overlay of the layout of each of them. You can click a page to navigate to it, or right click for a context menu.

Layout ID

Each layout automatically gets assigned a single letter identifier (or two letters, if necessary), and linked layouts share the same ID. Under each page in the pages pane you can see the ID of that page's layout.


If a page's layout is linked to another layout, there will be a small chain icon under the lower right corner of the page's thumbnail.
You can link two pages by dragging one onto the other in the pages pane; the second page will have its layout overwritten by the first one's.