Dialogs - Document Template

This dialog allows you to define the document template.

The template structure saves you time in case the document's page layouts repeat themselves. Instead of defining the layouts manually, or copying and pasting them endlessly, you can just select "All pages are the same" or "Repeat every X pages", and PDF2XL OCR will ensure that the page layouts are corrected linked to one another. Furthermore, this allows you to define a structure that does not depend on the number of pages; if you have a document with 20 pages where every page has the same layout, using this option rather than manually defining 20 page layouts will allow you to save this template to a file and then load it for a document with 100 pages, and PDF2XL OCR will automatically apply the layouts by the same logic to all 100 pages.
If you've selected a structure with repetition, you can also select to exclude the first and/ or last page of the document from this repetition, if they do not repeat the layout the same way the rest of the document does.

If most documents you work on are arranged by a similar repetition pattern, it might save you time to set this pattern as the default setting. You can do this by checking the "Set as default for new documents" box after you've set the template structure of your choice.