How to work with a scanned document

So you've successfully opened a scanned document, and now you want to work with it.
The difference between a scanned and a regular document is in the way PDF2XL OCR reads the data in the document in order to convert it. Whereas a regular document contains all the actual text, a scanned document contains merely an image of the text, and PDF2XL OCR has to use OCR in order to read the text.
To use OCR, you must turn OCR Mode on in the Home ribbon (or, in most scanned documents, just let PDF2XL OCR activate it automatically).
While it's possible to mark a new element on the layout without turning OCR Mode on, you will see that PDF2XL OCR finds no text in it, and considers it empty. Once you turn OCR Mode on, text will be recognized and PDF2XL OCR will attempt to detect rows and columns inside tables just like it would in a regular document.

Once OCR Mode is on, you can prepare the layout just like you would in a regular document.
When your layout is done and you look at the Preview pane, however, you may notice mistakes in the text. OCR is a difficult job, and often documents are scanned in a low quality, which might make the OCR engine make some mistakes in recognizing characters. For that reason, PDF2XL OCR will ask you to go through OCR Validation.

OCR Validation is the process of looking at words which PDF2XL OCR has flagged as "suspect words", which can be seen marked on the document with a squiggly line, and making sure that they were read correctly. PDF2XL OCR will show you the images of one suspect word at a time, and under each word a text box will show what the OCR engine thinks that the text is. If the OCR was right, simply press the Accept button and move on to the next word; if the OCR was wrong, simply write the correct text in the text box and then press the Accept button to move on to the next word. The better the scan's quality, the less words will be considered suspect.
The OCR Validation process is not mandatory, and can be stopped or skipped at any moment. However, it is highly recommended to go over all the words.
PDF2XL OCR will prompt you to perform OCR Validation before you convert the document, but you can also choose to do it at any other time by pressing the Validation button on the OCR ribbon. However, keep in mind that when you change parts of the layout, OCR is performed on them again from scratch, and any validation you'd done before that is lost. Therefore it's recommended to only perform Validation after you've finished designing your layout.