Start Menu

The Start menu offers the following options:

Startup Items This option offers several ways of starting your work (open file, scan document, etc.)
Open Load a document to convert from an existing file
Close Close the current document (if several documents are open, the others will remain open)
Acquire Load a document to convert directly from the scanner
Accumulate Printing This option, when turned on, allows you to add several PDF2XL Enterprise print documents one after the other to form a single document. As long as it's on, any print job results will be concatenated to the last print document. You can start a new accumulated print document by closing the existing one.
* While accumulating prints, PDF2XL Enterprise will not pop to the front, so you can print all the data you need and only then return to PDF2XL Enterprise.
Save If you're working on a scanned or printed document, this allows you to save the document together with its layout, so you can use it again later.
Save As Same as Save, but with a new filename.
Recent Files Opens a list of files you've worked on recently, allowing you to easily load one of them again.
Print Opens the Print Preview page, allowing you to print your document.
How This Works Shows an introduction screen with basic PDF2XL Enterprise information.
Upgrade Open the Upgrade Wizard.
About Display information about the application.
Help Open this help file.
Options Open the Options dialog.
Check for Updates Connect to Cogniview's server right now and check for available updates for this application.
Exit Close PDF2XL Enterprise.