Ribbon - Home tab

The ribbon's Home tab contains the most useful commands from the other tabs, and normally should contain everything you need in order to convert a PDF document into Excel. If you find that you often have to use commands that aren't on this tab, you can choose to add them to it. The default commands on the Home tab are:

Open Opens an existing document which you want to convert into Excel.
Load Layout Loads a previously saved PDF2XL layout.
Accumulate Printing Toggles Accumulation mode on or off. Read more about Accumulation mode here.
Copy Copies the current selection to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes the current contents of the clipboard.
Marking Mode
By Content When marking a new layout element, PDF2XL Enterprise will automatically decide whether it should be a table or a field.
Tables When marking a new layout element, it will be created as a table.
Fields When marking a new layout element, it will be created as a field.
Text Switches to text selection mode. In this mode you can select text from the document, but you cannot create new elements or interact with existing ones.
This panel allows you to select the type of template structure used for this document. It also has a button that opens the Document Template dialog.
Auto Detection
Suggest Template Attempt to create a template by auto detecting tables according to current template settings. For example, if the template settings say that all pages are the same, then it will auto detect tables in the current page and apply that same layout to the rest of the pages.
Suggest Layout Attempt to create a layout for the current page by automatically detecting tables in it.
Clear Template Clear the layouts from all pages.
Clear Layout Clear the layout from the current page.
Conversion Format
Conversion Format
This panel gives you a selection of formats to convert your document into, including:
Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Clipboard, OpenOffice, CSV, HTML
Convert Press this button to convert your document according to the layout and options you've selected.