Preview Pane

The preview pane shows you what the document will look like once it's been converted according to the current settings. You can select any fields, tables, or parts of tables in this view and see the corresponding elements highlighted in the document window, and vice versa.
Rows of bold text at the top of a table are column headers, and each cell in them can be clicked to select an entire column at once.

Press any element in the screenshot for an explanation about what it does.

Title bar Title bar Multiple sheets Multiple sheets Reset output order Reset output order Toggle output order editing Toggle output order editing Dock/ undock preview pane Dock/ undock preview pane Hide/ show preview pane Hide/ show preview pane

The title bar

The title bar shows the currently selected conversion type.
You can use the title bar to move, dock and undock the preview pane.

Multiple sheets

While the multiple sheets option is checked and you have more than one table to convert, each table will be converted into a separate sheet, instead of all tables appearing one under the other in one sheet. In this mode, the table names will appear as sheet names instead of in a cell above each table, and the sheets will be displayed as tabs at the bottom of the preview window.

Reset output order

If you've changed the output order, this will reset it back to the default.

Toggle output order editing

Toggles order editing mode on or off. While this mode is on, you can change the order of tables and columns by dragging them, using the double-arrow icon next to each. You can also hide some tables and columns using the checkbox next to each, which will result in them not appearing in the output after the conversion. Toggle this mode back off to see the results of your changes in the preview window.
None of the changes in this mode will affect your layout.

Dock/ undock preview pane

Allows you to dock or undock the preview pane.

Hide/ show preview pane

Minimizes or restores the preview pane.