Dialogs - Validate OCR

This dialog is used for the OCR Validation process.

In this dialog you can see all the words that require validation, one after the other.
The big image is the word as it appears in the scanned document. You can zoom this display in or out using the zoom buttons on the right side.
The text box at the bottom shows the text as the OCR engine understood it. If the word wasn't read correctly, you can freely change this text, and it will be reflected in the conversion output and the Preview pane.
If the word is correct, or after you've corrected it yourself, press the Accept button to confirm that you've validated it, and the dialog will load the next word that requires validation.
If you wish, you can skip any word, or go back to the previous word. However, skipping a suspect word will mean that it still requires validation.
At any point you can change the order of the validation, with the Validation Direction dropdown list.