Dialogs - Conversion Options

The Conversion Options include options which are specific for each conversion format. You can have different settings for each format, for example, you can set PDF2XL Enterprise to keep empty rows when converting to Excel, but not to keep them when converting to Word.
In addition to the separate options per format, you can also use the general Conversion Options tab in order to make changes to settings in all formats at the same time.

This tab represents the settings of all the different formats. As you can see in this screenshot, the Ask for a Filename option is unchecked, which means that it is unchecked in all of the formats; the Write Column Names option is checked, which means that it is checked in all of the formats; and the Write Table Names option is indeterminate, which means that it is checked in some formats, and unchecked in others.
Checking or unchecking any option in this tab will check or uncheck it for all of the formats which have this option. However, you cannot set an option to be indeterminate via this tab, and if you want an option to be checked for one format but unchecked for another you will have to set it manually for each format.

This tab only contains options that exist in more than one format. Some options are unique to a single format and can only be found on that specific format's tab.