How to use column headers

The header is the part at the top of the table that usually contains the names of the columns. When you mark a table, PDF2XL Enterprise attempts to automatically detect whether it has a header, and mark it if it does.

Resizing a header

Sometimes PDF2XL Enterprise might not detect the header perfectly, for example if it contains several lines or if the first lines of the table resemble the header. In those cases, you can resize the header:

  1. Place your cursor over the header's lower border. The cursor should change into a double headed arrow.
  2. Press the left mouse button, and keep it pressed.
  3. Drag the cursor up or down while keeping the button pressed to move the border up or down..
  4. When you've moved the border to the right position, release the left mouse button.

Renaming headers

In some cases you might want the converted document to display a different header from the one that appears in the original document.

  1. Right click on the column whose header you want to change.
  2. Select Edit Column Header from the menu that pops up.
  3. In the dialog that appears, enter the name you'd like to give this column.
  4. Press OK.

This also works in tables that don't actually have headers, allowing you to give your own headers to every column.

Adding or removing the column headers

In some cases PDF2XL Enterprise might not realize that a table has headers, or think that it has headers when it really doesn't. In those cases, you can check or uncheck the Use Table Header option from the Content ribbon.
Even if you've disabled the option and the table now has no headers, you can still create headers in the converted document by renaming headers as described in the previous section.

More uses for headers

If your table has column headers, PDF2XL Enterprise could use them to automatically detect similar tables in different places on other pages.
To use this feature, make sure that the header is correctly marked, and that the tables in the other pages have identical headers, and check the Find Table By Header option in the Content ribbon.