How to convert a document directly from your scanner

One of the features of PDF2XL Enterprise is being able to convert a document directly from your scanner, without having to save it to a file first.

To scan data into PDF2XL Enterprise, simply go to the Start menu and select Acquire. This will open a list of scanners and similar devices connected to your computer, so you can select the one you're using.
The scanning itself will be done by the scanning device's software, so it should look and work just like it does when you scan documents into any other program.

Once you've finished scanning all the pages of your document, you'll be returned to PDF2XL Enterprise, and the results of the scan will be displayed just like any scanned PDF, with each scanned page appearing as a separate page in the document. Also, while you scan more pages, PDF2XL Enterprise will use that time to perform OCR on those you've already scanned, in order to save you time when you're done scanning.

Now you should be able to easily use PDF2XL Enterprise to convert the data into any format you want, just like you would with any scanned PDF document.