How to extract data from another application

The Cogniview Printer

Sometimes you might want to use PDF2XL Enterprise to convert data that isn't in a PDF or image file, but in another application window. PDF2XL Enterprise allows you to do that by using the Cogniview Printer.
All you need to do is go to the application with the data that you want to convert, select the Print option (usually found under the File menu), select Cogniview Printer from the list of printers and print.

Once the printing is done, the document will be opened in PDF2XL Enterprise and you will be able to convert the data just like you would if it were in a PDF file.

Accumulation Mode

But what if you want to use data that comes from several different applications, files, or reports? What if the data you want to use cannot be conveniently printed in one go?
For those cases, we have Accumulation Mode, which makes PDF2XL Enterprise take all the print jobs sent to the Cogniview Printer and combine them into one document.
You can enable or disable Accumulation Mode from the Home ribbon or from the Start menu.