Printed Documents

Just like PDF2XL Enterprise allows you to convert a PDF file to Excel format, it allows you to do the same with any document that is open in another application without having to save it as a separate PDF file. When you install PDF2XL Enterprise, it adds a new printer to the list of available printers on your computer, named Cogniview Printer. This virtual printer should be available in any application that supports printing in Windows, and printing any document with it will import that document directly into PDF2XL Enterprise.
A document that is imported into PDF2XL Enterprise in this way is called a Printed Document.

When you load PDF2XL Enterprise, it will automatically set Cogniview Printer to be your default printer, so that you can quickly and easily import Enterprise Documents from any other application, and once you close PDF2XL Enterprise it will restore the previous default printer.
This option can be disabled in the options dialog.

Accumulate Printing Mode

Sometimes you might want to import several documents from other applications into PDF2XL Enterprise as a single Printed Document, but you might be unable to print them in a single print job for some reason (for example, if they're from different applications). For these cases, we have Accumulate Printing mode.
While Accumulate Printing mode is enabled, every document you print via the Cogniview Printer will be appended to the already open document inside PDF2XL Enterprise. Only the first print will make PDF2XL Enterprise pop to the front, while the rest of the prints will be added in the background so you can quickly print everything you need without interruption.
If you're in the middle of working with an accumulated Printed Document and want to start a new Printed Document, you will need to close the existing one first.

Accumulate Printing mode can be turned on or off from the Home ribbon or the Start menu.