How to finally convert my document

After you're done loading the documents you want to convert, arranging the layouts just the way you want, and setting all the correct options, you probably want to finally convert the document to Excel (or some other format).

Everything you need in order to convert the document just the way you like it can be found inside the Convert ribbon.
In the Conversion Format panel, you can select one of the many formats supported by PDF2XL CLI, with the default one being Excel.
The conversion Settings allow you to select various settings applicable to the format you've selected to convert into.
In the Job Summary panel you can select which pages to convert, and see how many pages, tables and fields in total will be converted. For the list of pages to convert you can specify any numbers and ranges of numbers, for example: if you write "1,3,7-9" then the pages that will be converted are 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9.
Finally, after you're done with the settings, simply press the button labeled Convert. The document will be converted to the format you've selected, and the converted document will be automatically opened in the appropriate program.