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Show Your Appreciation for Your Administrative Professionals By Making Their Job Easier

Posted by on Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. It is a time to show appreciation for everything that administrative professionals do to keep our organizations running. The people who do these jobs are often taken for granted but they are the backbone of our companies.

Administrative Professionals Day

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The entire week is dedicated to administrative professionals and it is a time to highlight the contribution that our office workers make to our industries and our economy. In the past, it was called Secretary’s Day. Some of the stereotypes are still around. For instance, we automatically assume that an admin person is a female. While the majority are still women, more men are becoming administrative personnel.

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Our support staff also take heat because people undervalue their contribution. Most administrative professionals are educated and well trained. While the job may be a stepping stone in a career path it can also be a goal.

Many business executives wouldn’t be where they are without their trusted personal assistant or support staff who screen their calls, make sure that they are on time for appointments, write their correspondence and find solutions to problems that no one else seems to be able to handle.

While this may be considered a lower level position, admin staff often have a lot of responsibility and they are the eyes and ears of the company. They are the first line of contact, the ones who keep up to date with new technology and the ones who use it.

Administrative Secretary

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Many top executives will admit that aren’t computer savvy and other than checking email don’t know the ins and outs of computers or even how to work most of the apps on their smartphone.

More often than not, we take our admin staff for granted. They work so smoothly and in the background that we don’t even notice everything that they do or how hard they are working.

We often expect our staff to work in less than ideal conditions. For example, have you provided your staff with ergonomic office furniture and equipment? When someone spends the day typing it can cause all kinds of physical issues. While you are having a nice lunch or taking the day off to play golf, your admin professional is suffering back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome from taking care of your business.

Do you have the latest software to make their jobs easier? You may not keep up to date with technology, but your admin person often has to work with outdated programs, old computers and systems that affect time management and performance. Often they have to take the blame for systems that impede progress.

Flowers are  a nice way to show appreciation, but why not provide some innovative software to make their jobs easier? Why not do both?


A PDF to Excel converter is a fantastic tool for your admin staff. It is also a benefit to you. Instead of having your admin person sit there for hours typing figures into a spreadsheet, he or she could be using software to expedite the work. Something that took hours can be done in minutes. It helps your staff to collaborate better and reduce conflict and this makes for a nicer work environment for everyone.

Maybe your staff will have more time to take courses or perhaps you could give them a longer lunch. They will come back to work refreshed and ready to do all the great things that they do that keep your company on track.