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Memorial Day: Documenting the Moments We Should Never Forget

Posted by on Monday, May 27th, 2013

On this Memorial Day we pay tribute to the men and women who gave their lives so that the rest of us could be spending the day with our families and friends. We can’t forget these heroes. We have those who chronicle historical events for keeping the past fresh in our mind. You can do the same with your family stories and your ancestor’s historical moments.

Memorial Day

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Whether you are a history buff who likes to read about the past, a military reenactor who spends weekends dressed as a civil war soldier, or the family historian, Excel is a fantastic way to keep track of all that information from the past.

Part of the beauty of the Internet is that we have even more access to historical information than we did in the past. You can go on sites like the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. You can check out the National Archives for Veterans’s records or historical photographs. There are similar sites in other countries, if you are interested in world history.


It’s important to remember our past. We learn from our mistakes and we grow as people and as a country when we examine our history and determine to make a better future for your children.

By using a PDF to Excel converter, you can add information to your historical databases, your family tree or your organization’s historical documents. While you are doing your research, you will probably come across archival material that is in the form of Word documents, old paper and photographs. You can download or scan these images or text and added them to your spreadsheet.

History of Memorial Day

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If you are involved in projects such as pioneer villages, historical museums or military reenactments, spreadsheets are a great way to inventory your collections, make a calendar and plan special events and measure the success of your organization’s fundraising efforts.

Many such organizations depend on volunteers and you can add a contact list and schedule.

If you are putting on a Memorial Day picnic or event, you know how difficult it can be to manage all the details that go into making your local event a success. You need a budget, a schedule, a list for food, entertainment and items such as tables and chairs.

Fourth of July

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If you’ve struggled with the planning and said, “Don’t look at me.” for the upcoming Fourth of July festivities, think again. You know that the fullfillment you get and the pleasure you give to others is well worth it. With some help from a PDF to Excel converter, you can plan ahead without the stress and you’ll be able to enjoy the day.